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Who Loves Our Treats

"Everything we strive for includes quality. Training, horses, feed, environment, and even TREATS!"

"I can't imagine going through all the hard work we do and rewarding my dear equine friends with anything but the best. Pony Oaties are a staple in our stable!"
- Deborah Hausman, owner Quailhurst

"Gauguin's Ideal comes out of her dressage tests looking for two things....a hug and kiss from her rider and plenty of Pony Oaties from me."
- Carol Ives, owner The Ultimate Piaffe
Pictured after winning an Oregon Dressage Society Championship

"The Oaties are so good that a young gelding being turned out literally stopped to fully concentrate on enjoying the treat. He was smacking his lips all the way to his pasture. Yep, Oaties can stop a horse in his tracks."
- Amy Gush, Public Affairs Director, Baker Institute Cornell University

"Only the best treats are given to my pasture and performance horses at Rockin' B Ranch. That's why I don't give them anything but Pony Oaties.They are all natural and made from scratch by hand. What better can you get?"
- Rebecca Boerio, owner/manager Rockin' B Ranch, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Mia Paleface is a paint mare with lots of go, she enjoys Cutting and Working cowhorse events and shows in the paint circuit as a reining horse. "My owner is very particular about my diet and we are thrilled with the wholesome goodness of Pony Oaties! I can't get enough of them""
- Jeannette Harlan, Performance Horse Competitor and Breeder

"Vicki - what a TREAT! On behalf of the 2002-2004 Oregon Dressage Society Championship Show Committee, I thank you for your sample and first-place donations! Competitors were impressed with the quality of your treats and were very excited about the wholesome goodness as well. Our horses gobbled them up!"
- Corinne Stonier, Sponsorship Coordinator, Oregon Dressage Society Championship Show

"These are the best treats I have ever had, and I LOVE treats. Every time I run out I leave the empty bag next to Tie Dyed Silk and her mom brings me more. I love them!!"
-Oreo, AQHA gelding

"As a Dressage celebrity I insist on luxury and nothing but the best will do. Pony Oaties is the only treat for me...it's in my contract."
- Gauguin's Ideal

Pony Oaties
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