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Welcome to the Pony Oaties Web Site!

Pony Oaties is making some new changes and is not currently available for purchase. Browse through our site and be sure to check back later.

Meanwhile according to our resident horse, Tie Dyed Silk,"These are the best horse treats I've ever munched!" We know you will enjoy learning more about these great all natural treats for your horse.

What are Pony Oaties?

Pony Oaties is a natural, wholesome horse treat. Each Pony Oatie is filled with natural vitamins and minerals from yummy, good foods such as oats, apples, carrots, bran, molasses, flour, brown sugar, corn meal, and corn oil. They are baked in slow ovens to assure their continued freshness and long shelf life. Only the highest quality ingredients go into each treat. A one pound bag yields about 24 treats, and our three pound bag yields about 72 treats. We make sure that each treat is the best for your horse and for ours! Wholesale dealers always welcome!

YUM!! New to Pony Oaties' flavors is Pumpkin. The same great Original Pony Oaties with added wholesome pumpkin. It will be a hit in your barn.

Pony Oaties, LLC is proud to launch a product called "Pony Oaties Gold." Gold includes the nutritional boost provided by Noah's Nutritionals'- read more about EquiSANO by visiting their website - Noah's Nutritionals

E-mail Vicki to be added to an e-mail list for more information to be sent as it becomes available.

Pony Oaties
"Original or Pumpkin"

Currently Not

Pony Oaties Gold

Currently Not